About Steve...

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The first thing potential clients always want to know is about pricing and packages I offer. 

My approach has always been to gear my services and packages around each client's particular needs and budget, rather than trying to force them into "package A, B, or C". After all, I don't want to push products or services onto clients they may not want or need, nor do I want them to pay more than they should.

Every bride and every client is unique, so I work with my clients to custom tailor a package that fits both their needs, and their budget. 

My process is simple. If you are interested in learning about how we might work together on your special event, just contact me. Let me know what your event date is (if you know right now), and the location. That way, I can check my calendar and determine if I'm available.

Ideally, I like to sit down with you in person so I can show you firsthand all that I offer (it's much easier to show what I offer than to describe it in an email or verbally on the phone). A Skype video chat will work too, if you live far from Tallahassee.

In short, I look forward to hearing from you, learning more about your vision and plans for your wedding day, your photographic desires, or your business interest, so I can find a way to provide you with outstanding service, artistry, and memories to last a lifetime.

Steve Corbett

"Because all the rest are just shooting pictures."


Most photography websites have a section where the photographer goes on and on about "falling in love with the camera at age nine" or flowery prose about "capturing the essence of the image", or talking about their love of rainy days, puppies, and warm hugs. 

"My love affair with the camera began at an early age, blah blah..."

- said every photographer ever

If an image speaks 1000 words, I'd much rather let my images speak about my work. I've assembled this site full of beautiful images that speak volumes, through color, lighting, composition, and artistry. I think they say quite a bit about my love of this profession, my extensive experience, the unique way I connect with my clients, and how I capture the kind of images that can beautifully tell your story.

If you love what you've found here, and I sincerely hope you do, then we should definitely speak further. I'd love to be able to capture the images that tell your special story someday too.